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Your CDFA acts as a Divorce Guide through your divorce. The Divorce Guidance that a CDFA provides is invaluable! They help your litigation team negotiate a Divorce Settlement that works for you. They are fully involved in the Divorce Process. Divorce in Arizona, Arizona Divorce

Divorce is hard enough.

Katelin Kalik, CDFA® can help.

Add a divorce financial analyst to your team and get the step-by-step guidance you need as you negotiate your divorce settlement.

What you don't know CAN hurt you

Divorce is the largest financial transaction you will make in your life… Yet, have you noticed how many are making settlement decisions based on what “feels right” and “sounds good?” Wouldn’t it be better to crunch the numbers and see the long-term impact? A divorce financial analyst can do this for you. Katelin Kalik, CDFA® can answer the “What-if” questions and give you more confidence in your negotiations.

Three Hard Realities of Divorce

1 %

100% of divorces result in a financial settlement.

1 %
Live In
Poverty After

50% of parents move into poverty after a divorce.

1 %
Wanted More
Support During

77% of people wished they had a divorce financial specialist.

Arizona Divorce Planning & Analysis

The role of your divorce financial analyst is to assist you and your attorney to understand how the financial decisions made today will impact your financial future. Would it give you more confidence to have the advice of a financial expert for your case?

Katelin Kalik, CDFA® provides support for you and your Arizona litigation team by presenting short & long-term effects of property division, analyzing pension & retirement plans, analyzing the financial impact of the marital home, evaluating insurance needs, and much more.

Divorce financial analysts provide litigation support by providing data that shows the financial effect of any given divorce settlement. Katelin Kalik, CDFA® is a divorce financial expert can then appear as an expert witness in court, mediation, arbitration proceedings, and is collaboratively trained.

Today is the day to take control of your future.

Meeting Your Needs

preparing for divorce making a divorce strategy and divorce plan

Prepare & Strategize

Ever notice that strategy and planning are everything? A thorough analysis is crucial to your successful divorce settlement.

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Negotiation Support

Wouldn't it be nice to have an expert in Divorce Financial Analysis on your litigation team? Katelin works with: Attorneys, Mediators and Collaborative Divorce Teams

Divorce Process, Divorce Recovery, Divorce Financial Recovery, Divorce Financial Advice

Divorce Recovery

Everybody needs help recovering after divorce. A recovery plan is an essential step to your financial healing and to feel confident in your future.