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Services for Attorneys: expert witness, financial expert, certified divorce financial analyst, cdfa, attorney services, attorney support, family law attorney, divorce lawyer, attorney liability

We specialize and provide the following Services for Attorneys: expert witness, financial expert, certified divorce financial analyst, cdfa, attorney services, attorney support, family law attorney, divorce lawyer, attorney liability

Attorney Services

Adding value to your practice and giving you the edge you need

Powerful Case Study - The Joneses

Working alongside family law attorneys

When support is needed for complex settlement agreements we can help. The greater the marital property assets the more complex the settlement and the greater risk for liability. Check out this case study…

Expert Witness Case Study for Attorney Support

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We provide you the tools and support you need to build your practice and confidently work with higher net worth clients. 

Family law attorneys have expertise in a very specialized area of the law. In the same way, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® professionals have specialized knowledge on the financial and tax issues related to divorce. We work with the financial issues in divorce and become part of the team with you. 

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Expert Financial Advice

We look at the property issues, tax issues, retirement plans, basis, and some little known IRS rules that apply to people getting a divorce. 

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Analyze Implications of Settlement Options

We evaluate and pick apart each proposal to understand the effect it will have on your client’s future net worth, cash flow, and savings. We then present our findings to you in easy to understand reports.

Attorney Liability, Protect Yourself from malpractice

Protect Yourself From Liability

Working with us as your financial experts will result in better engagement and a client with peace of mind.

We provide specialized analyses and knowledge of the intricacies of divorce finance so your clients understand the value of your financial proposals. The result is a final settlement that supports their long-term financial security.

preparing for divorce making a divorce strategy and divorce plan

Strategy & Planning Support

Before a case is even filed, a CDFA® professional can assist as a strategist in the litigation process. We calculate the possible outcomes for different divorce settlements based on common assumptions. Above all, we give you the knowledge and data you need to negotiate the most advantageous settlement for your client.

Katelin Kalik

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®

Katelin has been a math nerd her whole life. In a country where 78% of people suffer “Numbers Anxiety,” Katelin has utilized her strength to help those around her that need it most. She’s able to take very complex concepts and break them down into visuals that are easy to understand. 

Katelin M. Kalik

Expert Divorce Financial Analysis

Be known for bringing to the table win-win divorce financial settlements

CDFA® professionals operate within a combination of accounting, financial planning, sociology, and economics that they tailor to the case at hand, allowing you to clearly determine the connection between property distribution and spousal support. This means you can shift strategies to meet your client’s immediate needs while offering reasonable projections of their financial situation years down the line.

Furthermore, the CDFA® professional provides a series of visual aids in the form of graphs and charts, which make all the information easily understandable—even for the mathematically challenged. You can use these tools to provide your clients, opposing counsel, and the court with a deeper understanding of both parties’ needs, and the impact on each party’s future.

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