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Services: Divorce Guide, Divorce Guidance, Second Saturday (2nd Saturday), Divorce Support, Divorce and money, Divorce and finances, Financial Divorce, Spousal Support, Divorce planning.

Our CDFA Services Focus on: Divorce Guide, Divorce Guidance, Second Saturday (2nd Saturday), Spousal Support, Divorce planning.

Divorce Financial Services

Providing you with the support and guidance you need

Ever wish you had your own personal Nerd?

Wouldn't it be nice to have someone help you through this test in life, where the stakes are a LOT higher than a grade?


Katelin Kalik, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® is skilled at analyzing data and providing expertise on the financial issues of divorce. She has received extensive and ongoing training on the financial topics of divorce.


Katelin cares about providing you with the best service and support you need. Everybody has been impacted by divorce, including our team members. That is why Katelin was called to this field.

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You're in the right place to start here and now

Two Words: Get Help. Accurately splitting marital property is an extremely complex process. As a result, small mistakes can add up to years, if not decades, for your financial recovery. Our best advice for anyone going through a divorce is to get help from a professional that is knowledgeable about retirement & investment plans, splitting the home, spousal maintenance & child support in your state. Our service area is Arizona. If you are looking for help, but live in another state, we will be happy to forward you information about CDFA® professionals in your area that are familiar with your state rules.

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3 Phases of Divorce

Prepare &

preparing for divorce making a divorce strategy and divorce plan

Where are you now?
You can’t negotiate your financial divorce settlement if you don’t have a firm grasp of your family’s current financial situation. We organize your financial information, giving you a clear view of your financial needs.

Envision your new life
If you aim at nothing you’ll hit it every time. You need to create a new plan for your life. Where do you want to go from here? We create a strategy with your new financial goals in mind.

Go prepared!
We work with your litigation team to build a negotiation strategy that focuses on your financial priorities.

Negotiate &

divorce process, divorce splitting assets, Divorce Financial Advice, litigation team

We’re more than a second pair of eyes
We evaluate and pick apart each proposal to understand the effect it will have on your future net worth, cash flow, and savings. We then present our finding to you in easy to understand reports.

Is 50/50 really equitable?
We will outline the most beneficial and fair asset divisions and income arrangements that take into account taxes, cost basis, and capital gains.

Help you see what’s coming
We help you and your litigation team understand the future implications of your divorce financial agreement before it is signed.

Transition &

Divorce Process, Divorce Recovery, Divorce Financial Recovery, Divorce Financial Advice

A divorce agreement means nothing if it isn’t implemented
We monitor the progress of your agreement and make sure everything is implemented as it should.

Build your new financial life the right way
We create a game plan to get you back on track with your personal finances so nothing important is missed.